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Depot & Library Brecon Trail

Between N. Ann Arbor Street and N. Maple Road

The Depot Trail is 1/4-mile long and runs between North Ann Arbor and Harris streets.  The trail was installed in 2006 by clearing brush and trees from an abandoned RR with a lot of hard work from a number of citizens. The funds which paid for that portion of the work that could not be completed by volunteers came from the Washtenaw Steps Up grant via the community group, “Pick Up the Pace, Saline” (PUPS). The trail is made of crushed, compacted limestone to provide a walkable, bikeable surface. Further enhancements were made to the trail in 2007 including public art, plantings, a bench, and bike rack from the same funding source.

The Brecon Library Trail, completed in October 2012, was a partnership project between the City of Saline and the Saline District Library. The 10-foot-wide asphalt pathway goes from Maple Road to North Harris Street and connects with the Depot Trail.  In August 2013, Jane DeDecker’s “Heartland Stories” sculpture honoring the local agriculture community was unveiled on the trail near the Library.

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