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7th Annual Scarecrow Contest in Downtown Saline through 10/31

Article from Saline Journal, July 18th

In its most ambitious challenge to date, Borer Family Chiropractic has announced the theme for its 2018 Scarecrow Contest: “Star Wars.” [1,2]

As always, entrants are free to follow their most creative impulses wherever those flights of fancy, skills, and budgets may lead them. But the opportunity to frame that within the context of A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away … adds elements of anticipation and good spirited competition. What elements of the Star Wars universe will prove most popular here? How many ways could the same characters be interpreted for streetside appearances?

With a half-dozen, increasingly popular presentations now behind him, organizer Dr Robert Borer told Saline Journal this afternoon he is constantly looking for ways to raise the bar on what is officially called The Saline Scarecrow Contest.

“The first two or three years, we needed to get traction,” he recalled. “We started out with four scarecrows in our front yard” at his practice. That changed in 2016 with the reconstruction of Michigan Avenue through the heart of Saline. [3,4,5,6,7,8]

“I stumbled upon that theme by accident. We thought, ‘Hey, let’s have some fun with construction, and that led to the new category. Let’s see if it has legs. Then it really took off last year; 2017 was ‘Harry Potter.’ Who doesn’t like Harry Potter? My fifteen-year-old daughter Zoë was my consultant on that. She had my back. I’ve seen a few of the movies, but I haven’t read any of the books. Some [scarecrows] would show up and I’d have to ask her, ‘Who is that?’” [9]

This year is a different matter. When conversation turned to Star Wars, an added twinkle appeared in Dr Borer’s eyes, the discussion more expansive. “I think I can hold my own with Star Wars.” He then recalled having seen what is now called Star Wars: Episode IV – A New Hope first run at the movie theater that used to be near Ulrich’s Books just off the University of Michigan central campus. “I was thirteen.” [10]

At this point it’s impossible to predict how many entries will abide a 2018 continuity versus those who will produce something completely different. What Dr Robert Borer could say was that in 2017, twenty-five of the total thirty entries were tied to Harry Potter. In recognition of this, he’ll be adjusting his contest categories a bit in hopes of providing a more balanced mix for voting. [11]

Star Wars begs an even bigger question: What constitutes a ‘scarecrow’? Does it have to be a character? Could someone make an elaborate ‘Death Star’ construction and enter that as a ‘scarecrow’?

“Absolutely,” came the answer. “We don’t have hard and fast definitions; your scarecrow doesn’t even have to have straw. What we’re looking for are entries that reflect the spirit of the community, and something that you’ve created. Here’s the limit: Don’t go to the store, buy a costume and turn it in, done.” [12]

For the last two years, themes have been announced just a week before Borer Family Chiropractic began accepting entries. But the potential for interest in making far more elaborate contributions for delivery as early as September 21 for the October 1 through 31 contest respected that some businesses, organizations, and individuals might like to start percolating thoughts while the warm summer sun still shines. Maybe even make a visit to the DIA for inspiration and how-to tips on costume fabrication. [13]

As much as The Saline Scarecrow Contest has come to feel like a local downtown icon, it is actually an independently organized, promoted, and managed event. As such, Dr Borer has said that he would welcome offers of assistance with any aspect of this endeavor. He can be contacted by phone or through eMail link on the bottom of each page on his website.

Because work on The Saline Scarecrow Contest for October of 2018 has already begun.

Art Around Saline

Have you had the chance to notice the public art displayed in historic downtown Saline, Michigan?  Located throughout different corners downtown, reproductions of original, contemporary art by local artists, have been framed and installed for exterior display.

If you’d like the chance to have your artwork displayed, submit an application to the Art Around Saline Task Force jury by April 20th.  Up to six artists will be selected and receive a stipend of $200 for the Project to reproduce their artwork. Works will be selected by a jury including representatives from the Art Around Saline Task Force.  Selected works will be on display for approximately one year, after which they may be removed or displayed elsewhere within the City of Saline, MI, at the discretion of the Art Around Saline Task Force.

For more information, click here.